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Carrick and Young Praise Di Maria

Manchester United players Michael Carrick and Ashley Young are persuaded that their side did not commit an expensive mistake with the signing of Angel Di Maria. In August 2014, Di Maria has joined united for £59.7m, quitting Real Madrid. The amount had broken the club’s transfer record. There were signs that this costly transfer would… Read More

Dybala Will be Leaving Palermo in 2016

Following Dybala’s reluctance to sign for a contract extension, Palermo president Zamparini has recently announced that his plans are to sell the player to the highest bidder this summer. At 21 years old, the young player has recently attracted quite much of the attention of leading European clubs such as PSG, Chelsea and Juventus. This… Read More

Importance of Warming Up Before A Game

Written by Soccer Garage There are three principal reasons why a good warm up is crucial before a soccer match. An effective warm up alleviates any risks of injury during the game. Secondly, it promotes the agility of the player and provides a release of strength that would enable him to perform well without feeling… Read More

Young’s front-to-back shows he is young at heart

Manchester United’s Premier League cast right now is gaining quite some interest. Some have even compared the ever-change cast and shape of the game to some kind of modern jazz concerto with unexpected thrills and twirls as well as some zigzags, just like it would have been the case for a jazz band. However, United’s… Read More

Mourinho uses ‘campaign’ speech to Chelsea’s advantage

Jose Mourinho has recently adopted one of the strategies that Sir Alex Ferguson used to practise back in his Manchester United days. Sir Alex would openly go on attacks, play with the headlines, giving rise to a siege mentality and get in the thoughts of the referees. All these were often not based on hard… Read More

Getting Extra Protection With Shin Guards and Socks

Written by Soccer Garage Wearing soccer uniforms is a great way of showing your team’s colors during a match. During any match wearing soccer socks and shin guards is an obligation. Even for amateur players, having these extra protection could be helpful as they prevent any injuries to the lower part of the leg. There… Read More

Protecting yourself with Shin Guards and Socks

Written by Soccer Garage Wearing socks along with shin guards is mandatory in almost every soccer league. Even if you might be playing as an amateur, wearing these protection would be beneficial to you as well as they help to prevent injuries to the lower leg. You would generally find two main kinds of shin… Read More

Nani’s challenge on Di Maria

Argentinian coach Martino is optimistic about Di Maria’s recent foot injury which occurred during their friendly match with Portugal. The United winger was brought to a hospital for X-ray scans after the catch on the foot that he received by Nani early during the game in the first-half at Old Trafford. Di Maria lied on… Read More

Daley Blind’s Knee Injury Not As Bad As Feared

Louis Van Gaal recently announced that Blind’s knee injury is finally not as serious as they were fearing. Blind was recently injured during Holland’s 6-0 win over the Latvia team last Sunday and some reports speculated that the player might be out of games for at least 6 months. However, Van Gaal is now hopeful… Read More

Hart confident about City’s future performance

Joe Hart, Manchester City goalkeeper urges that there is absolutely no reason to panic regarding the team’s form after their defeat over three matches in a row with notably a defeat to Newcastle in the Capital One Cup. The 2-0 home loss that they have experienced on Wednesday night was among the most disheartening yet… Read More