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Getting Extra Protection With Shin Guards and Socks

Written by Soccer Garage Wearing soccer uniforms is a great way of showing your team’s colors during a match. During any match wearing soccer socks and shin guards is an obligation. Even for amateur players, having these extra protection could be helpful as they prevent any injuries to the lower part of the leg. There… Read More

Protecting yourself with Shin Guards and Socks

Written by Soccer Garage Wearing socks along with shin guards is mandatory in almost every soccer league. Even if you might be playing as an amateur, wearing these protection would be beneficial to you as well as they help to prevent injuries to the lower leg. You would generally find two main kinds of shin… Read More

Nani’s challenge on Di Maria

Argentinian coach Martino is optimistic about Di Maria’s recent foot injury which occurred during their friendly match with Portugal. The United winger was brought to a hospital for X-ray scans after the catch on the foot that he received by Nani early during the game in the first-half at Old Trafford. Di Maria lied on… Read More

Daley Blind’s Knee Injury Not As Bad As Feared

Louis Van Gaal recently announced that Blind’s knee injury is finally not as serious as they were fearing. Blind was recently injured during Holland’s 6-0 win over the Latvia team last Sunday and some reports speculated that the player might be out of games for at least 6 months. However, Van Gaal is now hopeful… Read More

Hart confident about City’s future performance

Joe Hart, Manchester City goalkeeper urges that there is absolutely no reason to panic regarding the team’s form after their defeat over three matches in a row with notably a defeat to Newcastle in the Capital One Cup. The 2-0 home loss that they have experienced on Wednesday night was among the most disheartening yet… Read More

Resurgent Newcastle ready to take Liverpool

Boosted by their 3 wins in 11 days, the Magpies are awaiting to face Liverpool at St James’ Park this Saturday. Newcastle previously appeared doomed with off-field issues and not a single win in the first seven matches. The players have shown an extraordinary determination by rallying up and bringing their first win against Leicester,… Read More

Ancelotti affirms that Ronaldo will retire with Real Madrid

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed his strong belief that Cristiano Ronaldo will surely retire at Real Madrid and would not return to his former FC, Manchester United. Portuguese International player Cristiano Ronaldo has become known at Old Trafford by winning a total of three Premier League titles as well as the FA Cup… Read More

AC Milan interested in signing Lucas Silva

The Rossoneri have been unable so far to find a proper replacement for their injured captain Montolivo. Although Riccardo Montolivo intends to return to the club in December, AC Milan would aim to strengthen their midfield in the winter. The Italian giants have lately appeared interested in Brazilian midfielder Lucas Silva. The club was also… Read More

Zinedine Zidane banned from coaching activities for three months

Miguel Galan, the director of Spanish national centre for coaches training has recently denied any allegations that suggested to his move to suspend Zinedine Zidane from coaching activities was motivated by any personal gains. The coaching chief said that he has not personal vendetta against the former France player. Miguel Galan was behind the action… Read More

Stevan Jovetic hopes to celebrate his 25th birthday with a win

Manchester City striker, Jovetic, hopes that his 25th birthday present would be winning three points against Manchester United during the Sunday derby. This would be 168th edition of the derby and it coincides with the player’s 25th birthday. He feels this could be the opportunity for his club to return to winning form after facing… Read More