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The Right Gear Makes for a Healthier Player

By Soccer Garage When it comes to your soccer gear, many players obsess over the soccer bags out there. This is understandable, of course. Bags make a great first impression and if you’re going to carry a piece of equipment to every game, it might as well be the best option possible out there. However,… Read More

Deck Yourself Out in the Best Soccer Gear

By Soccer Garage Soccer fans are known the world over for being rabid in their support and unrivaled in their passion. This applies to just about everything, especially the gear they wear to cheer on their favorite teams. However, as far as clothes and equipment goes, there’s a large range of quality to be considered. You… Read More

How to Get the Best Soccer Cleats Possible

By Soccer Garage If you’re someone who enjoys playing soccer, then just about any soccer cleat will do. You might love wearing the Adidas copa mundial for example, but you’d probably be happy with just about any other option available to you as well. In fact, probably any Adidas soccer cleats on the market would… Read More

Soccer Balls for Germany vs Argentina Final

germany argentina soccer ball

The official supplier of soccer balls FIFA World Cup started printing the names of the teams on the soccer balls to be used in the final of Germany Vs. Argentina. The job fell to German professional Peter Sauerhammer. Proud of the process by which it is responsible, says his greatest happiness is that people see… Read More

Why did Brazil Loose?

Brazil's Luiz Gustavo reacts after the 2014 World Cup semi-finals between Brazil and Germany at the Mineirao stadium

What’s the common denominator with most of the players on this Selecao? Most of these players never actually played much in Brazil. Their development was done in Europe. What’s happened is that the Brazilian leagues have been turned in youth leagues and these Brazilian player’s development has been more influenced by their European experience. Just… Read More