Di Maria Wants to Stay At United, Not Happy With Lack of Playing Time

Di Maria has made it clear that he wants to stay at Manchester United even though he expressed frustration with a lack of playing time.


In speaking with the Argentinian newspaper, Ole, Di Maria expressed his uneasiness during his time at Manchester United, in saying, “Yes. For me, and my family. Because not everything goes as I want, because I don’t play. Because I came with an intention and end up on the bench. It’s hard to tell how I feel there. I started well, with goals and assists. I was having a good time, until I was out. It’s a little hard to explain why I do not play.”


At 27, and as of the last season, he is struggling to find form and fitness at United. He is worth almost 59.7 million pounds after he was transferred from Real Madrid. This lack of ease is the reason why there are rumors as to him being transferred to FC Barcelona for the upcoming season.


As he plays for Argentina against Chile in the Copa America, he has dismissed these rumors. Instead, he said that leaving wasn’t the way he went about things. He prefers to ‘deal with things’ much like he did at Madrid where fans whistled at him when things went wrong.


Also, he is a bit worried about his family ever since the burglary took place at his Cheshire home. This was a few hours before his game against Leicester and which ended in a 3-1 win.


Link: http://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/jun/24/angel-di-maria-manchester-united-want-to-stay/



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