Protecting yourself with Shin Guards and Socks

Written by Spike Soccer Store 

Wearing socks along with shin guards is mandatory in almost every soccer league. Even if you might be playing as an amateur, wearing these protection would be beneficial to you as well as they help to prevent injuries to the lower leg. You would generally find two main kinds of shin protection, one with ankle guard and the other without.

Shin Guards with Ankle Guards

These types of shin guards are mainly worn by younger players who might be needing the additional protection. In order to wear your socks with this particular kind of guard, you would first need to put on your shin guard, connect the straps around the calf and straighten the ankle guard in place, then you could wear your socks over the shin guard unit.

Shin Guards with no Ankle Guards

This form of shin guard is mostly suited for adult players. Shin guards without ankle guards are typically worn over the socks. You might want to pull your socks up over the upper end of the shin guard. If you feel that you need to secure the shin guards further, you might use some athletic tape.

Choosing the Right Sock

A player’s sock should be able to cover the soccer shinguard throughout the game. The right sock would, thus, not be too tight or small and should have enough elasticity to be able to expand on top of the shin guard.


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