Young’s front-to-back shows he is young at heart

Manchester United’s Premier League cast right now is gaining quite some interest. Some have even compared the ever-change cast and shape of the game to some kind of modern jazz concerto with unexpected thrills and twirls as well as some zigzags, just like it would have been the case for a jazz band. However, United’s defence during the recent game at White Hart Lane was unchanged but yet it still looked odd. The cast indeed composed of 3 career centre halves with an average age of twenty-two and 2 converted wingbacks.

One might be tempted to think that with Phil Jones and Paddy McNair, the Van Gaal side looks like they have finally reached some kind of balance. Arguably one is a defender who tends to make mistakes due to his rashness and the other is a defenders whose mistakes originate from his timidity. However, despite all these, United has managed to keep a clean sheet during the match against Spurs and have allowed only 5 goals from their last 10 games. This can be attributed to De Gea’s great performance and the general resourcefulness of the United players.

A player who has recently demarked with his performance and has proved to be a quiet revelation playing left-back and left wing-back is Ashley Young. During the match against Spurs, Young moved a lot, showed determination and seemed ever ready to go forward down his wing and to put forward all his skills and enthusiasm during attack. He has showed an incredible achievement by reinventing himself at this point in his career.


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