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Young’s front-to-back shows he is young at heart

Manchester United’s Premier League cast right now is gaining quite some interest. Some have even compared the ever-change cast and shape of the game to some kind of modern jazz concerto with unexpected thrills and twirls as well as some zigzags, just like it would have been the case for a jazz band. However, United’s… Read More

Mourinho uses ‘campaign’ speech to Chelsea’s advantage

Jose Mourinho has recently adopted one of the strategies that Sir Alex Ferguson used to practise back in his Manchester United days. Sir Alex would openly go on attacks, play with the headlines, giving rise to a siege mentality and get in the thoughts of the referees. All these were often not based on hard… Read More

Getting Extra Protection With Shin Guards and Socks

Written by Top Soccer Buy Wearing soccer uniforms is a great way of showing your team’s colors during a match. During any match wearing soccer socks and shin guards is an obligation. Even for amateur players, having these extra protection could be helpful as they prevent any injuries to the lower part of the leg.… Read More