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3 Premier League Records That Are the Real Deal

As Jamie Vardy closes in on Ruud van Nistelrooy’s Premier League record of scoring in 10 consecutive matches, one wonders whether this is the record that he should be chasing. Of course, most of the records are usually compared with the generation of the Premier League which began in 1992. But just because this is… Read More

Paul Berlenbach: The Astoria Assassin

By Phineas Upham The so-called “Astoria Assassin”, Paul Berlenbach, was light-heavyweight champion of the world in 1925. He was known primarily for his colossal punching power. Being a former AAU wrestler, the transition into boxing was fairly logical. Especially in the context of boxing’s rise to prominence, which began with wrestling. Berlenbach was, by all… Read More

Abramovich believes Mourinho can turn things around, Reveals Closest Aide

Despite Chelsea dropping to sixteenth place, Michael Emenalo, Abramovich’s closest aide, believes that Mourinho should be able to turn things around this season. In speaking with The Telegraph, he also mentioned that the Premier League Champions were trapped in “negative momentum” but this decision to back Mourinho has come from none other than the Russian… Read More