Klopp: Planning for next season

Article written by les métiers de la mer

The liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp is planning for his next season, but is not rushing decisions in regards to his team. Klopp has signed Marko Grujic and Joel Matip for the coming season. The decisions Klopp intends to take require intense analysis to ensure his team reach the top of the table.

At a news conference he said “Yes, we are planning for next season. Clearly we plan for next season,”

“There is nothing to say yet. It is not I can say that we are close to this decision or that decision. But we work the whole day and it is not just preparing for games.

“We don’t have to be first or anything [in the transfer market], but in the end we have to plan for the future and that is what we are doing.”

The conference saw Klopp being questioned regarding Mignolet, but the manger defended the players performance.

“I am told there is some speculation about him, I would lie if I would say that the goal … in the final was unholdable, but Simon knows it too. It’s how it is.

“If a goalkeeper makes a mistake – I’m not sure if it was a mistake, but it was not perfect – so that’s how it is [in] football players’ lives, and especially a goalkeeper’s life.

“On the other side I can say absolutely nothing negative about Simon Mignolet – he’s a really good boy, big personality and since I’ve been here he has to handle a lot of pressure.”


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