Search for Sponsorship of a Travel Soccer Team

Sponsorship is one of those necessary evils when it comes to the game of soccer, especially if families want to enroll kids in a travel league. The team has to cover the costs of soccer supplies, travel and other expenses to be able to stay devoted to the travel league. Some games can take players around the nation, so it’s important to stay mindful of your budget as a parent and assist in fundraising efforts that will reduce everyone’s costs.

Tip 1: Create a Wish List

If you could have the ideal sponsor, who would he or she be and how much money would they contribute? This can help you target which local businesses in your area are likely to pitch in and help your team. Researching each company will help you understand where they may already have donations, and what kind of causes they like to support. Create a document you can share with your team and fellow parents, then ask everyone to look closely at the sponsors you’ve chosen to target to figure out which might be the best fit for you.

As you’re creating your list, have in mind what each sponsor might cover. A good example might be a silk screening company covering the costs of soccer jerseys, and silk-screening player names and numbers.

Tip 2: Use the Web

There are a variety of tools that can help match a team to a sponsor, and some of those are as simple as searching. The website “Pear” can help find sponsors in your local area, matching you up to businesses looking to sponsor local events and activities. LinkedIn is another excellent resource, as it can help you search for businesses with local addresses, and reach out directly to decision makers to set up a meeting.

Search big brands too, like Diadora soccer. They may feature programs you can apply for, or have contacts that they can point you to. Soccer companies tend to care deeply about the game and the players, so many employees are willing to help if you’re nice and focused on a good outcome.

Tip 3: Talk about Goals

As you meet with sponsors, be sure to emphasize the goals of your fundraising in a way everyone can relate to. Travel expenses, for instance, aren’t just a necessity. Talk to your sponsors about the value of travel, how your kids are learning about the nation through travelling and seeing it. Talk about the rewarding experiences that players have shared, and what it means to be intimately involved with the league.

Don’t be afraid to get players involved with this process either. Some of the most effective fundraisers can be the energetic players themselves, who understand more than anyone what’s at stake. They can be valuable frontline fundraisers.


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