Undercover sting leads to multiple English soccer coaches being fired

An undercover sting investigation by a British newspaper has led to the firing of another coach.

Just two days after England manager Sam Allardyce lost his job following an investigation by the Daily Telegraph, the assistant coach for the second-tier club Barnsley, Tommy Wright was fired.

The Daily Telegraph said that they had filmed Wright accepting an envelope said to contain 5000 Pounds from a fake Asian firm. The bribe was for help in placing Asian players in the northern club. The club immediately suspended Wright after the newspaper released the video footage.

“After considering Mr. Wright’s response to allegations in today’s Daily Telegraph about breaching (Football Association) rules over player transfers, Mr. Wright was dismissed,” the club said after a meeting with the coach on Thursday.

Barnsley said it was “unaware of such matters or involved in any wrongdoing.”

This is the second time in as many days that a coach has been fired for inappropriate practices. The English Football Association decided to fire national team manager Sam Allardyce after he was filmed offering advice on how to sidestep an outlawed player transfer practice. He was also negotiating a 400,000 Pound speaking fee.

This month’s long investigation has had English football reeling after another revelation that had the assistant manager from Southampton, Eric Black, allegedly telling undercover reporters that he knew a colleague at a second-tier club who could be persuaded to pass on information “for a couple of grand (thousand pounds)” about players to a fictitious company that wanted to represent footballers.

The Daily Telegraph has said that it has more revelations on the way.


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