Atletico’s Diego Simeone: Premier League and Serie A

onlinesoccerchampions july 2016The head coach Simeone for Atletico Madrid said that he is interested by the idea of managing in the Premier League and Serie A.

Simeone has also shown interest to manage Inter Milan and has been connected with Chelsea, before joining Antonio Conte.

When speaking at a news conference in Melbourne, he was asked if he wanted to manage England. He said”I am a young coach so I feel that it is possible”.

“There are many other leagues that would provide great challenges, but the English and Italian leagues are particularly attractive.”

The coach said early this year that he was considering leaving Atletico, after they were defeated by Real Madrid in the champions league finale. He said that the loss on penalties “was like a death”. However he has managed to move on and is looking forward to the future.

“I never spoke of the feelings I had. They were difficult to explain. The loss was like a death and after any death you must have a period of mourning. But that period is now over,” he said.

“I think we have a strong team. We are enthusiastic and have big hopes. We have improved the work we are doing as a club and as a team. We are strong and want to work hard to reach our potential.”

Mauricio Pochettino the former Argentina international teammate and Simeone has been linked to a job share for the vacancy in the Argentina national team.

Simeone spoke when questioned about this and said “The truth is no one has done that before but in the future that could be a real possibility”.


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