Klopp signs with Liverpool Amidst Widespread Approval, Won’t Be An Easy Task

Ever since Klopp’s arrival at Liverpool, journalists and fans have been hanging on to his every word.

Yet his debut was a 0-0 draw against the Spurs, and while these two don’t mix very well, there’s a feeling liberation among Liverpool fans with his appointment and who had lost faith in Brendan Rodgers.

Their approval of his nomination as coach was clear when one of the banners after the game at White Hart Lane read, “Mein Held, Mein Kumpel”.

onlinesoccerchapioship2That says a lot for a man who hasn’t won a game just yet but comes with a big reputation of building a solid relationship with the club’s fans and supporters. This is an added bonus to his brand of football.

Of course, there are some people who have professed uneasiness over so much praise lavished on Klopp. But it is good to remember that this isn’t a novice who is at the helm of Liverpool’s Premier League campaign.

For starters, he made Lewandowski, Gotze and Reus bona fide superstars while beating Bayern Munich twice for the Bundesliga title. Apart from this, he led the team to a Champions League final that they lost to their German arch-rivals in 2013.

So, it’s not only his record but also his charisma that makes him an exciting managerial addition to the Premier League alongside the likes of Jose Mourinho who first arrived in 2004.

No matter what one thinks of Rodgers, getting Klopp to fill his place was a big move. As always with a club like Liverpool, there are are big expectations and that has already been made abundantly clear to Klopp.

While Tottenham are deemed to have made an excellent start with 13 points, Liverpool seems to have made a sluggish one with 14 points to their name.

Without a doubt, the task will be anything but easy for Klopp as he is signed with Liverpool for the next 3 years as coach.


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