Tevez returns to his boyhood club Boca Juniors, Presented to 40000 Boca Fans

Carlos Tevez considers his return to Boca Juniors as the best day of his Life. Almost 40,000 fans were there along with Maradona to greet him.

During the presentation announcing his return to his boyhood club, Tevez said, “The supporters identify with me, and the feeling is mutual. I always thought about returning home once I left. You feel alone and it’s difficult. I felt that way every Sunday (when Boca played). The world of Boca devoured me. But now I’m more prepared. Right now I’m better than ever, on a physical and a mental level. Diego Simeone was interested in taking me to Atletico and I’m grateful for that, but I was only concerned about coming home.”


Tevez left for Corinthians in 2004 leaving behind a vacant No. 10 jersey that is his yet again. Despite his long absence, spanning an impressive football career at Manchester United, Manchester City, West Ham United and Juventus, the Boca fans were thrilled to have him return to the Bombonera stadium

Even Maradona unveiled a banner from his box, and which read, “Thanks for coming back, Carlitos”. Tevez then accepted the banner from Maradona which he draped around his shoulders as he made a lap of honor around the stadium.

While his loyalty at United and City was definitely questionable, his allegiance to Boca Juniors was never in any doubt. The adulation that he received on his return clearly reflected the devotion he had for the club and that he watched growing up.

His return to Boca Juniors is not surprising since a number of other players like Riquelme, Palermo and Maradona also came back for a spell at the Bombonera after playing in Europe for years.


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