Brendan Rodgers Accepts That His Job At Liverpool Is Under Threat

Brendan Rodgers has accepted that his job at Liverpool is under serious threat. He also promised to boost the club’s fortunes whether he is at the club for a day, month or year.

In speaking at a press conference prior to Aston Villa’s visit to Anfield, the Liverpool manager said, “I’m never complacent enough to think it never has been. You need to be at your best every day when you come into a club of this stature, and thrive on that positive fear. It does not affect me. I have a belief in what I do. We nearly achieved great things. We have a new group of players and we are looking to take it forward. I do not shy away from the fact we need to get results and perform well.”

With Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti being linked with his job for some time now, he said that he doesn’t feel threatened by it since almost 10 managers have been linked with his job ever since he took charge.

It was just one year ago that he told Marca that he wished to stay at Liverpool for 20 years. Yet during this press conference, he admitted to being a manager for the same duration but not just at Liverpool.

Also, he also appealed to Liverpool supporters to stay with the team while mentioning that Benteke, Lovren and Firmino will not be available against Aston Villa for different injuries sustained over the course of the season.


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