Dybala Will be Leaving Palermo in 2016

Following Dybala’s reluctance to sign for a contract extension, Palermo president Zamparini has recently announced that his plans are to sell the player to the highest bidder this summer. At 21 years old, the young player has recently attracted quite much of the attention of leading European clubs such as PSG, Chelsea and Juventus. This is due to his amazing track record of 11 goals scored out of only 17 appearances this season.

The Argentine forward was recently offered a contract extension from Palermo, which he declined. As a result, his contract will not extend beyond summer 2016. Another club that would be interested in acquiring Dybala is Manchester United.

Zamparini stated in a declaration that he is certain that Dybala would be up for sale. Giuseppe Marotta, Juventus’ general director has already shown interest in the player. Since Juventus is keen on negotiating, Zamparini has informed Marotta that he is considering other offers as well.

Palermo’s President had initially acquired Dybala for 12 million euros. Zamparini further added that he had treated the player like a son. Now he would not wish to speak to him but would rather want to hire a company to engage into negotiations with him regarding his sale.

For the time being, Dybala is Palermo’s top scorer with an excellent score of 11 goals scored during 17 appearances.

Palermo had recently offered Dybala a three-year extension along with a wage increase to 9 million euros for a season. The player rejected the offer stating that he wanted 15 million instead. That’s when Zamparini took the decision to put the player up for sale.


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