Importance of Warming Up Before A Game

Written by Soccer

There are three principal reasons why a good warm up is crucial before a soccer match. An effective warm up alleviates any risks of injury during the game. Secondly, it promotes the agility of the player and provides a release of strength that would enable him to perform well without feeling tired. Thirdly, a soccer warm up session brings the player to concentrate and set their mind on the game. When at rest and before any warm up, the muscles of the body are cold and stiff. When they get warm, the muscles loosen up and become more flexible. This facilitates movements such as rotations and muscles stretching.

A properly carried out warm up and stretching session would be effective in preventing any strains or dreaded muscle tears during a soccer game. Having the right soccer apparel would also contribute to keeping the muscles warm and at a constant temperature. Warmed up muscles also let out energy faster. The player would thus feel an increase in speed and power. He would also be able to carry out some complex and targeted movements with increased precision. Sharp but short warm up drills are also effective in achieving a quick warm to get started with the game straight away. However, a 15-minutes session is recommended. With experience and habit, coaches and players usually come up with a routine that targets particular muscles and parts of the body.


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