Gareth Bale’s signing for Chelsea would spell trouble for Premier League rivals

Gary Neville has recently stated that if Bale was to join The Blues during the forthcoming summer, he would be such an advantage to the team that this would help Chelsea to get further ahead from competition. After he had been subject to a difficult spell this past season in Spain, many have speculated that Bale would be considering returning to England in the summer. Possible suitors were rumored to be Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea.

In a statement given to the media, Neville has voiced out that the other teams in the premier league would be worried if Bale were to join the champions league winning team. Neville has even said that the other teams in the premier league would be in trouble in the event that Chelsea manages to secure a deal with Bale before the competing teams such as United and City get to sign a deal.

Soccer pundits such as Jamie Carragher are of the same opinion as Neville and believe that given the position where his side is, Jose Mourinho would only need to constitute a tougher team in order to preserve the lead for several more years to come. Carragher also added that Mourinho could now try to emulated Sir Alex Ferguson’s path by remaining with the same team for years and strengthening it further. He also commented that Mourinho is at a stage where he has worked with several clubs in diverse countries and that he might just about start to enjoy the success he is getting with Chelsea.



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