Getting Extra Protection With Shin Guards and Socks

Written by Top Soccer Buy

Wearing soccer uniforms is a great way of showing your team’s colors during a match. During any match wearing soccer socks and shin guards is an obligation. Even for amateur players, having these extra protection could be helpful as they prevent any injuries to the lower part of the leg. There are normally two main kinds of shin protection, the first one comes with ankle guards and the second one is without it.

Shin Guards that contain ankle guards are typically worn by younger players as they would be requiring added protection to their ankle. This particular shin guard is worn under the socks. It is connected around the calf with the help of straps. The ankle guard is then straightened into place and the soccer socks are worn over them.

Shin guards that do not contain ankle guards are best suited for adult players. These types of ankle guards should be worn over the player’s socks. The sock is then pulled up to reach the upper side of the guard and this might be secured into place with the help of athletic tape.

When it comes to protecting your ankle and shins, choosing the right soccer socks is also essential. Socks should neither be too tight nor too loose. They should have enough elasticity to be able to expand to reach the top of the shin guard.


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