Mourinho uses ‘campaign’ speech to Chelsea’s advantage

Jose Mourinho has recently adopted one of the strategies that Sir Alex Ferguson used to practise back in his Manchester United days. Sir Alex would openly go on attacks, play with the headlines, giving rise to a siege mentality and get in the thoughts of the referees. All these were often not based on hard facts. Jose Mourinho similarly has recently cried out loud about the “campaign” against his side and has complained that the team’s reputation for diving it is not of their fault but that of everyone else.

Ever since the draw at Southampton, he has been believing that his team is being targeted in an unfair manner and has openly stated that all these event are “something that looks like a campaign”. This statement served its purpose of driving away the emphasis from the struggling performance of the attack and it leaves a notion for the rest of the season. By making good use of such a strategy, that is going public, making use of the strength of his personality and knowing how his statement will dominate the general agenda, the Chelsea manager has not only defended his side but has also brought about a situation where referees would be reluctant to bring out a yellow card on the next match.

Fabregas’s booking albeit constituted of a real injustice as there had been a trip from Targett. Whether the trip was accidental or not, this definitely gave Mourinho the right fuel to put forward the idea that his side is being unjustly done.


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