Hart confident about City’s future performance

Joe Hart, Manchester City goalkeeper urges that there is absolutely no reason to panic regarding the team’s form after their defeat over three matches in a row with notably a defeat to Newcastle in the Capital One Cup. The 2-0 home loss that they have experienced on Wednesday night was among the most disheartening yet in a series of results that started with a draw in Russia and prolonged to a 2-1 defeat to West Ham.

City is playing against Manchester United in a Manchester derby and the pressure is huge for them to gain a quick recovery in order to be able to spark back with some victory. Hart said that he believes his team has been up to a good start but the last two or three games have made them “stumble” a bit. But he has hope in the potential of City and knows that they can do a lot better.

Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini did not shy away from comments after the team’s Capital One Cup defeat. The trophy was something the club was wanting to defend and not being up to the standard has certainly been received as a blow. Pellegrini said that he was anxious whether the problem lies in any trust and confidence issue within his squad.

Hart pointed out that last season around the same time the squad had less points and were in a worse position but they still won the league. So they can still do it if they bring their focus back.


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