Van Gaal Revealed Having Turned Down Liverpool

Louis van Gaal has recently revealed that he had turned down a chance to be part of Liverpool three years ago. The Manchester United manager was speculated to be among those considered to be joining Anfield in May 2012. However, instead of the Dutchman, Brendan Rodgers was chosen as manager.

Last summer, having previously been Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager, Van Gaal was appointed with the Red Devils. On the 22nd of March he has taken his team to Anfield to crush the Anfield side while pursuing the Champions League in a Premier League match.

When asked his opinion about being approached by Anfield, Van Gaal stated was it felt quite flattering and pleasing to be contacted by a leading club such as Liverpool. He also added that Liverpool has a good record in history. He also added that he is now the United’s coach and as such he can only speak of Liverpool as an opponent. He said that Liverpool is not so interesting to him as it was in the past.

Van Gaal further stated that he had been contacted by various teams including Tottenham. He said that he had previously spoken to various clubs and that it would not be good to reopen these discussions. At the age of 63, the United manager announced last week that his role with Manchester United would be his last as a manager.

However, retirement would not be coming so soon for van Gaal as he has just completed one year out of his three-year contract with Manchester United.


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