Ronaldo Has Galaxy Named After Him, Probably Winner of the Pichichi Trophy

Ronaldo is already a ‘star’ in football. Only now, he has an entire galaxy of stars named after him – CR7, in particular.


The European Southern Observatory (ESO) has honored the 30-year old Madrid star. They consider the galaxy to be “by far the brightest galaxy yet found in the early Universe.”


While CR7 is an abbreviation for COSMOS Redshift 7, it is also the moniker of the Portuguese football captain too. That said, the name refers to the age of the galaxy. Also, there is a distinct correlation between the amount of redshift and how further back in the history of the universe the galaxy is being seen from.


This set of stars was discovered by David Sobral and his team at the University of Lisbon. Being an avid football fan, he wanted to honor Cristiano Ronaldo by naming it after him. If that’s not enough, Ronaldo also has his own museum and line of underwear and boots that bear the ‘CR7’ name.


The astronomical research organization comprises 16 nations. They also added, “It’s an exceptionally rare object – by far the hottest we’ve observed at this stage of the universe.”


Anyways, despite this development, Real lost the league title to FC Barcelona. This is despite the ‘star’ scoring 48 goals. This will most likely win him the Pichichi trophy for this season.


Of course, it was Ronaldo’s archrival, Messi, who helped Barcelona clinch their second treble: the Spanish league, King’s Cup and finally, the Champions League trophy.


So, a planet for Messi then?




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