Stevan Jovetic hopes to celebrate his 25th birthday with a win

Manchester City striker, Jovetic, hopes that his 25th birthday present would be winning three points against Manchester United during the Sunday derby. This would be 168th edition of the derby and it coincides with the player’s 25th birthday. He feels this could be the opportunity for his club to return to winning form after facing several consecutive defeats.

Stevan Jovetic is confident regarding this derby and affirmed that playing a derby is great for the motivation of a player. He is also realistic towards Manchester United’s team saying that he knows United has a great lineup of good players and new talents but that City needs to prove that they can win.

City’s last defeat was 2-0 against Newcastle for the Capital One Cup and they had lost with a score of 2-1 against West Ham in a Premier League match. Jovetic feels that they should rise back to form and show their potential to their local rivals.

Speaking about their recent defeats, Jovetic has added that this sort of period happens as teams play so much games over a year that they are bound to have bad periods. He is confident that this is the last bad game that Manchester City has.

He further added that it is a good thing that they are playing every three days as this has helped them to improve and the team is confident about showing their real strength to United. Jovetic, a former Fiorentina player had missed both of last season’s derby wins despite having been with City since 2013. He is looking forward to this one.


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