Zinedine Zidane banned from coaching activities for three months

Miguel Galan, the director of Spanish national centre for coaches training has recently denied any allegations that suggested to his move to suspend Zinedine Zidane from coaching activities was motivated by any personal gains. The coaching chief said that he has not personal vendetta against the former France player.

Miguel Galan was behind the action that brought about the suspension of Zidane for a period of three months from his role as the boss of Real Madrid Castilla due to his lack of a coaching licence. Galan had been accused of targeting Zidane as an attempt to gain publicity. Galan retaliated by affirming that his action was merely motivated by a respect of the Spanish guidelines in place.

Galan also affirmed that he is treating the Zidane case with utter objectivity and no individual, however, great a footballer he might be, is not above the law. He said that he had no personal issues against Zidane or the club Real Madrid, but it is his duty to defend the rights of Spanish coaches.

The French Football Federation (FFF) in a response to the action against Zidane had sent a letter to the Spanish counterpart to confirm that he was enrolled in the relevant coaching course in France. Zinedine Zidane has not yet achieved the required level three in coaching that is required to operate in Spain. The letter was unsuccessful in keep Zidane away from the ban. The FFF president has expressed disappointment that Zidane is unable to carry out his work with Real Madrid.


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