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The beginners guide to the European Championship

Aside from the World Cup, the UEFA European Championship is considered the next most prestigious soccer tournament. The consistency and quality of the soccer on display is unmatched. The tournament brings together all the soccer nations of Europe together to crown the kind of European soccer. The tournament is held every four years, with the… Read More

Three things new soccer fans should know about the world cup

Millions of soccer fans wait four years to watch the latest world cup. However, if you are new to the sport, there are a few things you should know about soccer’s most popular event: Pinnacle Most soccer players spend most of the four years between the World Cup playing for a club. The clubs, like… Read More

Basic goalkeeping skills

Goalkeepers have a thankless job. The margin of error is extremely low, and the goalkeeper is expected to make all the saves in the game and deflect any other shots. The keeper needs to make split-second decisions that can be the difference between victory and defeat. Every goalkeeper, from the junior levels to the pros,… Read More

Video replays coming to soccer

MLS (Major League Soccer) aims to be one of the first leagues to introduce video replays. The league hopes to implement the complete system for all its regular season games. However, it is under testing during pre-season games where it has already helped a decision. The use of the video replay was during a game… Read More

Three steps to prevent ACL injuries in soccer

It takes time to build up the levels of fitness and conditioning required for a sport like soccer. When a player is sidelined due to injury their levels of fitness starts to drop. The longer they are unable to train the more drastic the drop. Take the ACL injury for example. A player with such… Read More

Study Discovers a Drastic Increase in Soccer-Related Injuries

A study conducted by the Journal of Pediatrics shows a massive 111 per cent increase in the number of soccer-related injuries. This was for the 24-year period starting in 1990 and ending in 2014. Fortunately, the numbers are a little misleading. That same period has seen the sport grow to become the most popular sport… Read More

Brazilian football legend Carlos Alberto dies at 72

Carlos Alberto the Brazilian soccer hero, who captained the side to world cup glory in 1970, has died of a heart attack. He died in home town of Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday. He played in both Brazil and the United States, in a career that spanned nearly 19 years. He played as a right-back.… Read More

Search for Sponsorship of a Travel Soccer Team

Sponsorship is one of those necessary evils when it comes to the game of soccer, especially if families want to enroll kids in a travel league. The team has to cover the costs of soccer supplies, travel and other expenses to be able to stay devoted to the travel league. Some games can take players… Read More